By Kerra Bolton,

  Filed under: insight, lessons learned

"Who needs yet another old white guy’s point of view?"

Peter Levenda is a Sekret Machines colleague of A.J. Hartley, and a passionate advocate of the "In Good Faith" race conversations project. Peter writes about Nazis and occultist subjects. As such, he was detained by Nazis in South America in 1979 and held at gunpoint by a Klansman in Pennsylvania shortly after.

In this blog post, Peter, a self-described "old white man" connects the dots and makes it plain for the many people who "still can't believe this is happening in 2017." For example, he writes:

"Although Jefferson had slaves, he had – consciously or not – penned the sentiment that would be used to free them almost a hundred years later. Does this excuse him from owning slaves? Of course not. That’s not the point. It doesn’t redeem him, but fighting to ensure those unalienable rights for others redeems us."

Read the post in its entirety.