Resources for White People

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Anti-racism Resource Guide An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism Resource on where to donate, sign petitions to assist Black people and those who’ve been murdered at the hands of systematic racism "26 ways to be in the struggle if you can't be in the streets" Resource for white people and parents to deepen our  … Read more

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This is How You Ally

By Kerra Bolton,

After the events of Charlottesville were broadcast and shared, I received the most beautiful email from a friend. She reminded me of the beauty of the world and how my very existence was part of that beauty. She ended her note with a clip of Bill Withers singing "Ain't No Sunshine". My friend is a blind woman  … Read more

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Why Are We Having This Conversation Again?

By Kerra Bolton,

Every day is Groundhog’s Day when it comes to conversations about race. This is to be expected. People come to me looking for answers. I co-founded a project to promote healthy and productive conversations about race in the United States. I frequently write about race and culture. I have many white friends who are confused  … Read more

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Why “Fighting Hate” is Not the Answer

By Kerra Bolton,

A simple declaration of solidarity unraveled everything. “To my friends of color, I know I cannot fully understand your experience of the world, but I stand with you against bigotry and hatred,” a white, male friend posted on Facebook. Within minutes, his “friends” rushed to add to his statement as if he hadn’t chosen the  … Read more


By Kerra Bolton,

"Who needs yet another old white guy’s point of view?" Peter Levenda is a Sekret Machines colleague of A.J. Hartley, and a passionate advocate of the "In Good Faith" race conversations project. Peter writes about Nazis and occultist subjects. As such, he was detained by Nazis in South America in 1979 and held at gunpoint  … Read more

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What to do Next

By Kerra Bolton,

I often get asked after a tragedy, "What can I do now? What do I do next?" Diversity is an Asset is a comprehensive resource I recommend to anyone who's interested in taking part in a messy conversation about race.