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Activism is a Practice – How to Be Woke

By Kerra Bolton,

Female lifestyle empowerment and “you go girl” feminism keeps women asleep and drooling in our own sense of powerlessness. Women cried during the fight scenes in the Wonder Woman movie because they were mourning the loss of their own inner warrior. Women have traded their battle rattle for the promise of safety, comfort, and protection  … Read more

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In Good Faith: Messy Conversations About Race And What We Learned

By A.J. Langley,

By Kerra Bolton and A.J. Hartley The United States is a nation in conversation. We are talking about politics. We are talking about the things that unite and divide us. We are talking about talking. Last summer, we (a white man and a black woman) began talking about race after the series of deaths of  … Read more

Top 5 Things I Learned from Andrew

By Kerra Bolton,

Friendship comes first, last and always. We put our friendship at the center of this project from the beginning. I remember that when tempted to say something disagreeable or when I am hurt or angry. Separate the “one” from the “many.” African Americans are judged by mainstream society as a collective. We are not allowed  … Read more

5 Things I’ve Learned from Kerra

By A.J. Langley,

We are not the same. Yes, we’re all people with a lot of shared feelings and ideas, but my experience of the world is deeply different from a black person’s because of the way they might be treated at any moment because of what they look like. I can go months without ever worrying about  … Read more