Recordings of our Messy Conversations about Race in Black and White

Rethinking our Biases 

We have to recognize and name our biases as a first step in race conversations. In this video, A.J. shares his racial biases unexpectedly crept up one night in New Haven.

Kerra's PTSD

 Kerra admits to her racial biases and how they can interfere in even the most "peaceful" of places. 

It's Always About Race

A.J. dares to go where most white people fear in asking, "With black people, why is it always about race?"

How to Show Up

The word "ally" shows up whenever we discuss the role of white people in addressing current racial tensions in the United States. In this video, A.J. explains effective ways for white allies to show up.

We Disagree

A.J. and Kerra disagree about whether racism is an intentional response. Disagreement is where most people end race conversations. But it doesn't have to be the end of the story.