Messy Conversations in Good Faith


We live in self-imposed silos of silence, bigotry and ignorance. Political, social and economic forces threaten to further divide would-be allies, so that it becomes harder for like-minded people to resist oppression and tyranny. 

“In Good Faith” doesn’t suggest that having a conversation with someone of a different race, background or opinions about race will eliminate institutional racism and its causes. This project demonstrates what happens when two people leave their respective silos, talk to each other and try to understand the other person’s point of view. 

These conversations are both messy and necessary. 

Kerra Bolton

Kerra Bolton is a former political communications strategist, visual artist and writer. She is the founder of  “Unmuted,” an online academy and consultancy that helps women build and sustain their activism. Kerra previously served on the leadership team of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

She was a former, award-winning, political journalist, working in print, radio and broadcast media. Her newspaper series about the impact of U.S. migration on small Mexican towns and cities won the New York Times Award for Outstanding Journalism. She is a sought-after political analyst for television and radio shows.

Her creative work explores the themes of race, gender and identity through written narratives and photography. She is based in a small beach community in the Mexican Caribbean.

A.J. Hartley

A.J. Hartley  was born in northern England, but has lived in many places including Japan, and is currently the Robinson Professor of Shakespeare studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, where he specializes in the performance history, theory and criticism of Renaissance English drama, and works as a director and dramaturg.

A.J. is a bestselling writer of mystery/thriller, fantasy, historical fiction, and young adult novels.